Once Upon a Time
With a bit of capital and a lot of determination, Cabe Rawit got off the ground in 1992. Our mission was simple: to spice up the Indonesian advertising industry.

Local, lean and small.
We are committed to remaining as a local agency that is small but lean with the ability to keep on its toes and to respond to the ever changing needs of the markets and clients.

With its "small but hot " philosophy, Cabe Rawit has succeeded in proving that, despite of its size - this little local agency with unique creative style and occasional rebellious streaks - can truly work wonders.

Let there be dreams.
Our young age does not stop us in proving how big the wonders could be. With close to 60 awards we have so far, we have been remaining the top 4 agency in the country's hall of fame.
So far from roof top, the distinction for our achievements today has everything to do with our locality. With considerably much lesser clienteles and categories, we show the whole industry on how this local talent could boil the big guys over.

The economic crisis that took Indonesia by storm did not stop us from marching forward in the advertising industry.

Ironically, the uncertainty and fundamental changes in so many aspects of life was for Cabe Rawit, a powerful source of inspiration, unleashing a fresh burst of creativity, new ideas, and cool strategies.

Embracing the change, we even developed further to create tools for empowering and energizing our people.
Faster, more focused, more flexible is just plainly a small result out of our efforts.


So What Are We All About ?

Creativity without strategy is an art.
Creativity with strategy is an ad.

In a nutshell, we are a local agency and we live the local reality.
We soak up all the information we can get our hands on, be it printed or electronic, or just good old-fashioned hearsay.

We walk the streets to folks.
We cruise the markets to find out what's going on.
And we constantly search for alternative ways of getting our message across to our local audience.

If there were rules, theories, methods, or even a magic formula for advertising products, then advertising agencies would not exist, and advertisements would be the same the world over.

At Cabe Rawit we are pulling down the barriers.
With a brand new set up, we have tapped into a steady flow of hot creative energy mixed with hot strategic thinking.

Our experienced and professional team - working independent yet responsive 'power' units - is one of the highest spirited and creatively bubbly advertising teams around.

This synergy has made us flexible, fast, and focused on creating hot ideas - from mega projects to the twist of assignment.

Without losing ground to the meaning of integrated services, Cabe Rawit moving forward to divide itself into 4 units. This is indeed one of the advantages we create to make sure we meet both ours and clients' objectives on today's more demanding needs - specialization and professionalism. Got it?

With Business Unit Head as the operator of each unit, both creative and client service teams are specially build to respond to the objective of the business type of each unit.

Strategic Brand Marketing Units.
Servicing for strategic brand marketing & communication purposes, two units are developed by Cabe Rawit.
With a solid operational workflow and best talents around the country, we have just taken the service into the next level of professionalism, where a faster and sharper result at all level can be reached in a more effective way, not to mention a higher standard on achieving creative solutions has been implemented to elevate the value of creative marketing solutions.
Although we have quality as our significant distinction, a whole range of our successful portfolios and brand experiences is another edge that we own to show the unit competence.

Marketing Support & PR Unit.
With focus service preferences, the unit simply dedicates all the resources to make sure all clients' field related concerns and direct marketing activities are taken care of.
A wide knowledge from brand management to public relations, combined with a deep understanding towards consumer realities in a plate is truly a powerful tool to elevate client's business into today's mix marketing where the urgency of touching and reaching directly to the consumers is the most important edge for winning the competition.

Interactive Unit.
Believing that internet and multimedia will be the next living medium generation is one thing. Getting into it is a whole different idea.
With best resource available in the country, specific business schemes, whole wide services, supported by strategic marketing knowledge and proven creative portfolios - starting from a simple e-company profile to a head-full e-commerce - this "Marketing IT" unit is simply not a bull-shit.


Zero Based Approach
That is what we apply to the business of being creative, every time we take on a new client. It is just like the first date, really.
We spend time probing, finding out how we can work together to build a harmonious relationship based on mutual trust and cooperation.

We are convinced that every client or product has its own unique quality that sets it apart from others - even when it looks identical to a hundred others.

Follow him.
People used to need products to survive.
Now products need people to survive.
That's why our communication discipline is about following the consumer, learning what they want and assessing what they need.

We can't sell your product, no matter how sophisticated it is.
But we sure can make people want to buy it.


Key People.
One of our valuable assets is the player. Here are some of the key people whom by choice and time proven their track of being the best it could be:

Narga S. Habib (Managing Director - Founder), 47 years of age.
Being the oldest in Cabe Rawit do not run out his ability to adapt to various age groups, gender and situation is just unbelievable.
"I've been to any situation a person could think of, except death," he said.
As a true entrepreneur, he could smell business opportunities and successfully achieving his targets so far, "Making money using my creativity has been my kind of games since I was 6 years old".
He was born, raised and educated in a military family and traveled to all continents ever since he was a young boy. Spending his kindergarten in Yugoslavia, he finished his high school in Thailand and graduated from business school majoring in marketing in USA after studying fine art, in Bandung Institute of Technology.
His first business entity was back in 1979, while he just finished high school and in 1986 he set up an international-related business entity in California, USA dealing with general trading to various countries.
After he came back, he got a marketing job in one of the local prominent bank in Indonesia, but it didn't last. He felt his first love with advertising industry in 1987 as he joined Lintas, as a trainee account executive. Five years later he established his own agency, namely Cabe Rawit, after experiencing his role as a brand manager in Unilever Indonesia, and proving his skills as an account director in Leo Burnett (Aim Communications) in 1991.
His love for his Harley Davidson and family becomes one of his life's biggest stories after the hard work he has put into this Cabe Rawit. With 3 lovely kids in his lap, this big guy loves to share his strategic thinking and opinion to anybody he knows.


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